Xifeng redoubles efforts to boost tourism


Xifeng county in Southwest China's Guizhou province has formulated measures to boost local tourism.


364m yuan in tourism revenue achieved during National Day


During the seven-day National Day holiday, Xifeng county in Guiyang received a cumulative 599,400 visits.


Tourism industrialization meeting held in Xifeng


A meeting on tourism industrialization promotion was held in Xifeng county, Guiyang.


Xifeng's Qingshan town stimulates its 'flower economy'


Xifeng's Xishan town has made plans to boost the local "flower economy", which combines flower appreciation, picking, and sales.


Xifeng earns 196m in tourism revenue during May Day holiday


Xifeng collectively received 408,000 visits during the five-day May Day holiday, reaping a total tourism revenue of 196 million yuan.


Xifeng county develops agriculture, tourism integration


The Beautiful Nanshan Pastoral Complex is located in Li'an and Pingshang village in Xifeng county, in Southwest China's Guizhou province.


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