Sanyima Small Intestine Noodles


The Sanyima Small Intestine Noodle Store is located in the East Gate Pedestrian Street of Xifeng County. It is a food representing homesickness.


Xiaozhaiba Beer Duck


Xiaozhaiba Beer Duck is one of the famous local hot pots in Xifeng. It can be spicy, sour-spicy or slightly spicy.


Jiuzhuang Sweet Corn


Sweet corn is a special snack food in Jiuzhuang Town of Xifeng, and it is also a gift that Xifeng people favor.


Smoked Bacon


Smoked bacon is a must-have among Xifeng people. Every spring, the rural people will go to buy local piglets.


Rice Noodles with Burned Mutton


Rice noodles with burned mutton is a long-lasting snack in Xifeng. Its essence is skin.


Pea and Broad Bean Jelly


This jelly is one of the special snacks of Xifeng and a main side dish served with hot pot and at banquets.


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