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Improvement of rural farmhouses makes countryside more livable in Xifeng

english.guiyang.gov.cn|Updated: 2024-06-28

In recent years, with the deepening of rural governance and vitalization efforts and the implementation of more livable farmhouse projects, the once messy and dirty enclosures have transformed into clean, refreshing, and quaint rural courtyards. This change is particularly evident in Wenquan town, Xifeng county, Guiyang.

To make the countryside more livable and suitable for work, Wenquan town selected Guangrong village and Yin'an village as pilot villages for "Livable Model Farmhouses" this year. Based on the voluntary applications and wishes of the villagers, the town follows a "design first, then construction" principle to optimize the functionality, appearance, and environment of villagers' courtyards, providing them with a more beautiful and comfortable living environment.

The town plans to build 18 residential farmhouses and 212 livable farmhouses in the two villages. Construction has already started on over 60 households.

"At that time, to save money, we just used cement to harden the courtyard and didn't put up any fences. Now the government is helping us improve the courtyard for free, so we can plant some flowers and vegetables in the future, making it more comfortable to live in," said Sheng Dengju, a resident of Yin'an village.

As soon as the courtyard was completed, Yuan Deqin, another resident of Yin'an village, couldn't contain her excitement and began planning the arrangement of flowers and plants, eagerly awaiting the arrival of the plants she ordered online to place in the flowerbeds.





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